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28 August 2018 @ 11:31 am
My fav fics  
just got idea from akame_hime, LOL
i'll make list from my fav fics, since now i'm so crazy over fanfic, and i spent almost all my time for reading fanfics, and this list i made so i can found these fics easier, hehehe
here the list,


Lesson in Love by fayevalentine3 ♥ryouchi♥

FLOWER ON THE PRECIPICE by osakaromanesque ♥ryouchi♥
the first fanfic that made me cry, LOL

internet serious business(1)(2) by fayevalentine3 ♥ryouchi♥
my fav ryouchi crack fic, ^_~

Lost Boy by anippan ♥Ryouchi♥

Dance dance dance by osakaromanesque ♥Ryouchi♥

hello goodbye by saihara ♥Ryouchi♥

Devil or Angel, Started with a Simple Message, Started with a Simple Problem, bittersweet and Confession* by Laftkeichan ♥Uchipi+ryotego♥
honestly i love all of uchipi fics that Pam-chan's wrote, LOL
Pam-chan made me fall in love with Uchipi, hehehe...

From Yawns Down to Sleepless Nights by gachapin18 ♥Akanishi jin x OC♥

Love after Marriage by hanez ♥Akame (girl! kame)♥

Some Things Never Change by yukinonamida ♥Nishikato♥

Irrational Choices* by jurya ♥Nishikido Ryo X OC X Akanishi Jin♥

Baby Love*, Mis-interpreted*, OUR SWEET SIN by spread_da_love ♥Akame♥

Gifts* by Eliseer ♥Yamaki and the rest of NEWS♥

Okaasan? by scarlet_angel03 ♥Akame♥

Who’s the Daddy?* by scarlet_angel03 ♥Akame♥
sequel of Okaasan?

The hurt in your eyes... is it because of my love?* by springswan & onigiri_lolita ♥Akanishi Jin X OC♥

After Marriage Comes the Love*, My father's boyfriend by akirashock04 ♥Akame♥

Pain, Yubiwa by nichiya ♥Yamapi X OC♥

Extraordinary Miracle* by scarlet_angel03 & hanez ♥Chibi!Akame♥

Hidden Agenda*, Primrose by tsukiko-04 ♥Akame♥

FIGHT ME CUZ I LUV U! by tsukiko-04 & omasuta_chan

Master of the Dance Floor (1)(2) by tsukiko_04 ♥Akanishi Jin x Stephanie of CSJH♥

Pleasure Doll, BOND* by Akame_hime ♥Akame♥

ryoKame drabbles* by puffie_hanchan ♥RyoKame♥

How to Kidnap a Tensai by akamehugger ♥Akame & RyoPi♥

Fourth Avenue Café by neko_fish ♥Akame♥

TRAPPED IN THE SAFETY OF A PSEUDO SILK KIMONO by notthelastsong & marlenem

Hazukashi smile, don't fade away by marikitfics ♥Nishikido ryo's story with his nakama♥ the most tears jerker fanfic that i ever read.

*on going


Framed & Hung by rg_waffles ♥Kanjani8♥

The Magic Box by spread_da_love ♥Akame♥
Chibi Akame
Adult version

Tokyo by puffie_hanchan ♥RyoKame♥

The first rain of Autumn by ungalad ♥MatsuKame♥

Akanishi! DETENTION! by songkissed ♥Akame & News♥

Matchmakers by ryuutsuki ♥Ryouchi♥

The drunken confession of undying love by ihsararashi ♥Ryouchi♥

You don’t die until I say so by koneho ♥Ryouchi♥

One too many by ikujinashi ♥Ryouchi♥

Detention by akirashock04 ♥Akame♥

Our Member Love Can Kick Your Member Love’s Ass, OR: 5 Times NewS Tried to “Fix” KAT-TUN with ~メンバー愛~ and KAT-TUN Shut Them Down by koneho ♥NEWS vs KATTUN♥

My Lovely Brother, Love Triangle, by ♥Akame♥

Jin and Johnny's Juniors by ashi_ga_demasu ♥Akame♥

[Crack Fic] And SOLD, to the highest bidder! by chuukibito ♥Akame♥

LOVIN' U by kattunjin ♥Akame (Girl!Kame)♥

The JE flight KK223 by akirashock04 ♥Akame (Girl!Kame)♥

Hey Girl: You’re Beautiful, Of Lovers in Stilettos, Of Fiancees with Chocolate by Mastrmanipul8r ♥Akame (Girl!Kame)♥

Monthly Problem by oh_su ♥Nishikido ryo vs Kanjani8, News and Akanishi Jin♥

camping!camping! by uchikins or nicesunshine ♥Kanjani8, KATTUN & NEWS♥ this fic always can make me laugh!!!

Sashiburi, Tokyo Dome. by uchikins or nicesunshine ♥NEWS♥
i wish it's true or become reality! T_T

Underwater Love/Kiss/parfume by fayevalentine3 ♥Ryouchi♥

Until the end of the world by fayevalentine3 ♥RyoUchi♥ it's beautiful fic!!!!

The Next Step by ai_happy4lucky ♥RyoKame♥

slow burn by ashesof_hope ♥ryokame♥

Kame knew, Kame knew everything by chuu00 ♥Ryokame♥

Your existence by hanez ♥Ryouchi & Akame♥

Motor Control by hilaryscribbles ♥RyoKame♥

Castles in the Sky by songkissed ♥RyoKame♥

Guilty Pleasure songkissed ♥RyoKame♥

Lost in You by sun_ming ♥Akame♥

Aprils Fool (part 1)(part 2) by tiethel ♥Ryo vs eito♥

i just remember and found these fics, i'll update it again if i found new interesting fics.
for all of the author ->>
You're awesome!!!!! waiting for your next fanfics!!! and thanks for making these great fics.

and if you dislike these entry please tell me.
*deep bow*
edit : 3/5/2010
jajakiojajakio on August 24th, 2009 08:27 pm (UTC)
oh sibuk gr2 ini ya :/
Micchiohryouchipi on August 25th, 2009 01:15 am (UTC)
nggak da kerjaan sih,
lovelyrukialovelyrukia on July 25th, 2010 03:08 pm (UTC)
Thanks for this! I was always looking for fics haha♥
will read them asap
esspecially Akame, i LOVE akame fics haaha♥
Micchiohryouchipi on July 25th, 2010 03:11 pm (UTC)
your welcome,
i'm happy this post help you,
i love akame fics too, but the old one, hehe... recently i seldom read it again.

btw, i already follow you in twitter, please follow me back ne,
gangsta_paradisgangsta_paradis on February 20th, 2011 11:36 am (UTC)
iseng iseng mampir ah, mayan ni mi buat bacaan sebelum tidur especially yg crack hahaha... xDD

*yenceee ayoo balik kerjaa!!!**huhuhuhuhu*
Micchiohryouchipi on February 20th, 2011 12:30 pm (UTC)
iya sana balik kerja, malah baca fanfic. lol


ada lowongan nggak ditempatmu, lagi nyari kerja nich =(
tietheltiethel on October 9th, 2011 09:50 am (UTC)
oh wow :) I am so suprised to see one of my fics in someones favourite. its really... *gets emotional* really thanks... I uh don't know waht to say because I am just too happy...
(what a drama, like ı just one an oscar lol)
Micchiohryouchipi on October 10th, 2011 04:32 am (UTC)
hahaha, well it's good story, ♥